Kako mladi Američan vidi Slovenijo, ljudi in našo kulturo?

Prejšnji teden sem se imal priliko srečati z nekaterimi člani skupnosti Triibes Setha Godina, ki so obiskali Slovenijo. Med njimi je bil tudi mladi Joshua Harbert, ki je izjemno lepo opisal našo državo, pokrajino, kulturo, ljudi in odnose med nami.

Takole je naslovil svoj blogovski prispevek mladenič iz Chicaga, ki je mladost preživel v Keniji: Wandering as Kings in the Land of a Thousand Villages (Potepati se kot kralji v deželi tisočih vasic). Prispevek je v angleščini.

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When in distant lands you wander
Time does seem to fade away
When in distant lands you wander

You must forge a different way
When in distant lands you wander

In their beauty you may wish to stay

Adventures start with the unfamiliar. It is mysterious, exciting, and often beautiful. Traveling to Slovenia is an adventure. All around is beauty.

O naši pokrajini

There are the caves – the cathedrals of the underground. Stalagmites are the pews. Stalactites are the chandeliers. The torches’ light illuminates as if through stained glass – dim and uneven.

There are the mountains. Only snow dares to grace their towering peaks. Silent guardians, they watch the land below.

There are the castles. Some stand watch from mountaintops. Others take shelter in caves. Thick walls stand in defiance of any army daring to invade – of which there have been many. Yet for all the echoes of war and violence, they seem peaceful – a protection of life within.

There are the villages. On nearly every hill a church stands as a beacon. Little houses congregate around each of them. Colored walls and tiled roofs testify to a beautiful community inside.

O naši državnosti

Beginnings. For centuries Slovenia was under the rule of foreign powers. It now nears a mere twentieth birthday. The newness echoes the spring – the budding of life. Opportunity and possibility lie open before them. Yes, there are also struggles and challenge, but those are the marks of growth.

Roots. There is a deep connection with community and land. Slovenia is a country of villages. There seems to be one on every hill. The people plant their own food. Community is the heart of life.

Language. For the people of Slovenia, who have been oppressed for so long, language is the bastion of culture and identity. The difficulty to learn it reinforces its importance. If you speak Slovenian, you are Slovenian.

O ljudeh

Honor. Even from the beginning of my wanderings, I meet many wonderful people. Most have a minimal part in the story – a waiter or clerk. But that does not make them any less significant.

Noblemen. Our quest receives aid from many local leaders. These are the people bringing change in this land. They are the hope of a new nation. They are the builders.

They are people like Carlos, who gives us a tour of Ljubljana. He leads a community of Spanish speaking Slovenians, immigrants, and visitors. His smile and excitement echo the possibilities ahead.

They are people like Ales, who we have coffee with one sunny morning. He explores and teaches about what it means to live a life of simplicity. In one recent experiment, using his garden, he lived on one Euro a day of food. He reminds the people to hold to their roots.

We are priviliged to partake in such life. We are blessed to give something to them, even if it is as small as a smile. But although these people are important, they are still not everything.

O prijateljih s katerimi je potoval po Sloveniji

Wandering is best with friends. They are what make the journey special. In the assembly of friends you find victory. In their company you become as royalty. That is my experience.

Among us is Marcos the Magnificent. What other word can describe our host – Slovenia’s acting ambassador for the week? His hospitality and generosity are a blessing to us all. Even though in a distant land, I am at home.

Among us is Frank the Free. Such is his generosity – boundless. Sharing expertise and knowledge, he teaches us much. Using technology, he empowers people to do what they could not do before. He empowers us.

Among us is Bronwyn the Brave. Leaving her homeland, she set out to build something – to forge a new life. From her challenges are a courage to live and inspire and help others. I suspect her bravery rubbed off on us all.

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Hvala Josua za ta pogled na našo državo. Sem vesel, da od zunaj izgleda v tako lepih barvah.

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